In our last article, we discussed how the PTFE nonstick cookware industry is polluting the planet. We’re following up with some tips on how to break your nonstick cookware habit.

Nonstick cookware contributes to the landfill problem.

Why Stop Using Nonstick Cookware?

You can read our previous article to find out about the safety and environmental issues of the PTFE/Teflon industry, which we think is the biggest reason to stop using Teflon cookware.

Here, we’re just going to talk about why nonstick cookware isn’t the best choice for any kitchen.

You Can’t Use High Heat

The first rule of nonstick cookware is: don’t use high heat with nonstick cookware.

High heat destroys the nonstick properties faster than…

The more we learn about nonstick cookware, the less we like it.

The Ohio River Valley: contaminated with PFAS.

People love their nonstick cookware. And even though there have been safety issues associated with PTFE — the generic name for the Teflon® molecule — they feel safe knowing their nonstick pans are now “PFOA-free.”

Unfortunately, PFOA is a small part of the story.

If you want to make an informed decision about the actual safety of nonstick cookware, there are a few more facts you need to know.

What Is PTFE?

You're right, it does make you sound like a horrible person.

Does anyone know how I can opt out of getting this horrible, clickbaity, uber-narcissistic newletter? I can't even put into words how much I hate it.

stovetop pressure cooker full of rice
stovetop pressure cooker full of rice

Electric multi-cookers have been craaaazy popular for several years now. The most popular model on Amazon has more than 60,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars — that’s impressive!

People love their electric multi-cookers so much because with them, you can make meltingly tender chuck roast and pork butt, whip up batches of dried beans and rice in minutes, make chilis, soups, stocks, and more — and you can do all of this in a fraction of the time it takes on the stove.

But the truth is that the multi-cooker is just a new take on an…

Nonstick skillets make cooking eggs and other sticky foods easy.

Since Teflon® cookware, the brand name for the first PTFE (“polytetrafluoroethylene”) cookware got a bad rap for being “toxic” and even “cancer-causing”, some makers of PTFE cookware have marketed their products in all sorts of ways that makes it hard to know what you’re buying. There are so many synonyms for PTFE on the market now, and so much marketing jargon to play down the actual composition of cookware, that it can be really hard to know what you’re buying.

This obfuscation, whether deliberate or not, has caused a great deal of problems for people who want to buy safe…

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